Being kind helps. So does optimising your medication management.

OPENeP  is an electronic prescribing and medication administration solution that is easy to embed – into both your workflow and the  technologies  you are already using.

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A clever collaboration tool by nature and by design

OPENeP enhances
patient safety.

Developed in collaboration with doctors, nurses, and pharmacists, the system understands everyday challenges of a sensitive, fast-paced environment, and is by nature and design a clever collaboration tool. OPENeP brings efficiency, transparency and decision support to medication management.


Integration is more than a buzzword
Created as a stand-alone solution, OPENeP is also compatible with any electronic patient record system you may be using. It can be integrated with decision-support systems, as well as your hospital’s laboratory and pharmacy. Among other things, this means that you can order medication supplies for patients directly from OPENeP.
Smart search
OPENeP is here to support the way you want to work. You can search for medications just by active ingredients, or you can be even more specific: creating order sets on a patient level, or even making groups of your most commonly used medications, accompanied by your own protocol. And, any order sets you create are also fully searchable.
Fewer mistakes, more insight
OPENeP significantly reduces medication prescribing errors that can occur when you rely on “pen and paper”. It also gives you a much needed comprehensive view. For example, this could be an overview of a patient’s prescription from a previous discharge, which also speeds up the creation of a medication record at re-admission.
In team we trust
OPENeP is designed for the collaboration of all care workers. Doctors can prescribe medication in a safer way, and this is supported by feedback from clinical pharmacists. Meanwhile, nurses have a clear overview of what type of medication they need to administer and when, minimising the possibility of any missed doses.
Always efficient
OPENeP accelerates processes while at the same time making everything a lot safer, and the detailed summary provided makes everything more user friendly. When connected to the discharge system, the entire discharge process is optimised, and this enables patients to leave the hospital sooner, with a clear history of changes to their regimen, and an overview of their current medications.
Are you at the beginning of your ePMA journey or just about to go live?

Check out the top tips based on the experience of more than 40 ePMA key stakeholders – CCIOs, CNIOs, Chief Medical Officers, Lead Pharmacists, ePMA Project Leads – on how to successfully implement an ePMA in your hospital.


Medication   reconciliation
  • captures prescriptions from different sources
  • creates a medication list on admission
  • reconciles the prescription list upon discharge
Inpatient prescribing
  • designed for pediatric prescriptions too
  • made for simple and complex IV prescriptions
  • supports medication titration
  • provides an audit log of prescriptions and changes
  • gives real-time warnings with a decision-support system
Discharge   summary
  • shows a clear overview of medications at every step
  • equipped with medication discharge prescription
  • provides an audit log of all medication changes
Order   sets
  • available on a hospital-wide level
  • customisable for a specific user, or as patient related
  • enables custom groups and protocols
  • includes a handy search option
Medication   administration record
administration record
  • provides a timeline for upcoming medication administrations
  • creates daily medication administration plans
  • generates automated tasks
  • enables barcode scanning
  • supports medication titration
  • has a witnessing option when needed
Allergy  module
  • increased safety with allergy-related warnings
Clinical   pharmacist review
pharmacist review
  • structured and paperless
  • facilitates faster workflow with patient record searches
  • optimises the collaboration of care teams
Pharmacy integration
  • order supplies with one click
  • request supplies from a medication administration record
  • review, confirm, reject or suspend requests
  • see the clearly marked status of a supply request
Božidarka Radovic
“The new supply request module and integration with the pharmacy system improves patient safety and speed up all the processes.“

Božidarka Radović,
OPENeP Product Manager


Because we care.

OPENeP  has been built  by a team of passionate experts, and is ready to tackle the challenges you face on the journey to transform your medication management.
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ePMA implementation: team formation and communication
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Better and Liverpool John Moores University partner to train students in ePrescribing
An important next step in the modern approach to healthcare is connecting universities with the tech industry, which is why Better and Liverpool John Moores University are partnering to train students in electronic prescribing and medication administration with our OPENeP.
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OPENeP Supply Request and Pharmacy Integration
Read about the new huge step towards interoperability - integration between OPENeP and a pharmacy management system from a different provider. These solutions can now easily be connected by using INTEROPen CareConnect FHIR profiles to provide safer and better working conditions to clinical teams.

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