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Serious complications during inpatient care and readmissions can occur due to inaccurate information about a patient’s prior or new prescription regimen, paper-based processes, a lack of transparency in medication management, a lack of decision support and knowledge-based guidance.

Patient safety depends on the coordination and collaboration among all care workers. We take care of the medication management-related workflow improvement, so you can focus on the best possible patient care.

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OPENeP eases multidisciplinary coordination between doctors, pharmacists and nurses by providing doctors with safer electronic medication prescribing supported by prompt feedback from pharmacists. With the help of a clear medication overview, nursing staff no longer have to worry about the accuracy or type of medication they need to administer. In the end, everyone can benefit from the new analysis and insight-based system improvements.


less time spent labelling injectable medicines, fluids and lines

hours of interviews with doctors, nurses and pharmacists

medications prescribed in ICU

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