The future of digital
medication management

The future of digital medication management

Join us November 5
at MedsClub Community Event

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About the event

Medication prescribing is an important part of a clinical practice. While many hospitals have adopted electronic medication management systems, prescribing still takes more of doctors’ and clinical pharmacists’ time than it should. A lack of connectivity between institutions which store information about the medications a patient is taking is among the key pain points in the process.

At the same time, up-to-date medication management seems to be getting increasingly complex due to new research findings about optimal medication protocols and novel therapies with complex regimens.

Technological progress is now aiding and improving many aspects of medication management.

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On 5 November,
we will be answering questions such as:
  1. How can technology help patients take medications as prescribed?
  2. Benefits are difficult to measure.
    What to consider for success?
  3. What is the current state of transfer of care information in the UK?


Founder of Dosium
Chief Executive Officer at ORCHA
Associate Chief Clinical Information Officer at NHSx England
Lead ePMA Pharmacist at Somerset NHS Foundation Trust
Lead ePMA Pharmacist at University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust


Business Unit Manager at Better
MedsClub Idea Flow Facilitator at Better

Why attend?

This event is closed for clinical professionals who are currently working in a clinical practice.
Learn from the
most experienced
You will be able to hear from and connect with experts that have already implemented ePMA. They will share their successes and challenges so that you can learn from their mistakes and avoid them in your own implementation.
Get updated
with the latest
Electronic prescribing is here, but what are the next steps? We will hear about the latest progress NHSx is making to enable a seamless national medication data-exchange. We will also look at a new ways of improving medication management support for clinicians and patients.
Get instant feedback
and share insight
After the presentations and a panel discussion, listeners will be divided into work groups to address any current and crucial topics which were identified during the event.


9:00–9:05 BST

Tjaša Zajc

MedsClub Idea Flow Facilitator at Better

Roko Malkoč

Business Unit Manager at Better
9:05–9:20 BST
How do NHS Trusts use digital health apps for patient medication optimisation?

Liz Ashal Payne

CEO of Orcha
9:20–9:45 BST
Next-generation decision support for electronic prescribing

Dr. Nicholas Appelbaum

Founder of Dosium
9:45–10:15 BST
Challenges to consider in benefits realisation of an ePMA system

Leo-Martin Scott

Lead ePMA Pharmacist at Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

Duncan Cripps

Lead ePMA Pharmacist at University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust
10:15–10:25 BST
10:25–10:40 BST
The future of national medication interoperability in the UK

Ann Slee

Associate CCIO (Medicines) at NHSx
10:40–10:45 BST
A survey/poll about the workshop topic
10:45–11:15 BST
11:15–11:45 BST
A sharing of findings

About the organiser

MedsClub is a recently established community of Better’s OPENeP medication management system users. The group explores best practices in medication management with the mission of going beyond electronic prescribing and national borders. MedsClub aims to become a diverse universe of thoughts and knowledge about the best possible practices of patient care.
Last year, Better organised a community event in London titled “From Tender to Successful Roll-out”.

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